Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

moldpro extrusion blow molding machines - mms series - brochures

The MMS series of blow molding machines have been designed to produce a wide range of containers.

The clamp is driven by a proportional controlled hydraulic cylinder to provide optimum clamping force.

The control system utilizes the latest technology from B&R and is ready for industry 4.0: The Internet of Things (IoT).

ModelsStrokeClamp TonnageExtruder Diameter
MMS 12-450450 mm12 kN80 or 90 mm
MMS 24-700700 mm24 kN100 or 110 mm

Control Systems

Heating Control

Moldpro specializes in automation and has been upgrading blow molding machines controls for many years. In the 70’s our first rebuild was a mechanical Metal Box blow molding machine which had been Manufactured in England. Since then we have put new controls systems on almost all machines that have been manufactured in Europe and USA.

Looking to connect the front office with the plant floor? Our control systems are capable of connecting to a cloud server and upload the information you need. Looking for tech support after the installation? The controls we install have capability of remote access. So if we are in the office or on a dock fishing, so long as we have internet access, we can log on to the machine and assist your technician in diagnosing the problem they are having.

Machine control upgrade with HMI operator interface on all makes and models of blow molding machines.

Parison Control

100 Point Parison Control (Higher available upon request), Up to 4 Channels, Standalone System available, Recipe Storage

Machine models retrofitted:

  • Automa (Maximat, Speed 3, AT2D, AT5, AT5D & AT15D)
  • Bekum (121, H155, BM404)
  • Fischer (VK16)
  • Jomar
  • Kautex
  • Sterling
  • Uniloy

Extrusion Heads


• Single Parison • Multi Parison • Multi Layer • Visi stripe

Center flow design allows for good wall distribution and faster colour changes.

Capable of processing the following materials: HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, PET



Extruders are capable of processing a variety of materials. Sizes available from 60-120mm. Satellite extruders for visi-stripe or multilayer heads are also available.


blow pins

• Welding Knives • Spear Knives • Hot Knives • Blow Pin Station & Tooling